The new album has been produced by the band's own prime minister Fred and was eventually mastered by Greg Chandler from Esoteric. Combined with the departure of the band's front woman you might expect a change of course: well, the new Serpentcult is different, but still typically Serpentcult. It is less direct and much more instrumental. I think there is a solid reason as why the band has not enlisted a new dedicated singer, since he or she would be pretty much out of a job when it comes down to performing the new songs. Everybody who has experienced Serpentcult live knows that the gigs always started with a groovy instrumental intro, and that atmosphere is typical to describe the touch of this album: the second song 'Crippled And Frozen' is 100% instrumental and 0% with vocals. The album is more than ever a piece of hypnotizing doom/sludge and is way less in your face than the material with Michelle. One might expect a heavy as hell massive sound because of Greg Chandler's involvement, but the sound of the production has not changed significantly. The new album has a vine that reminds me a bit of Triptykon (old roots are hard to kill, since two of the band's members are huge Hellhammer fans) and also there is a kind of seventies like experimental vibe. I think this is one hell of a letter of application for the bill of the Roadburn festival. Critics who said they could not stand Serpentcult because of the female vocals have no excuse left, unless they want their music a bit more accessible, like on previous material. The cult is still alive!

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