Limited edition Digipak with bonus material. We are HEAVY METAL if you dont like it FUCK YOU !!!Thats quite a statement after 10 years of existence. METALIUM have not lost one tooth concerning consequence and constance and thats what shouter Henning Basse basically lets everybody know on the opener of this album. METALIUM never have been something less than classic heavy metal and will never be, thats what producer Lars Ratz stands for with their meanwhile 8 studio albums, 2 DVDs and one comic - all reflect the bands 10-year history impressingly. The band never stood still, though ignoring conventional sounds and trends but following their own, unique way. When other bands trying to have everything perfect in the studio but leaving emotions and dynamics during recordings Metalium dont work like that. . Grounded chapter eight is an example of what heavy metal stands for. No polished production, no triggered bassdrums or technical tricks to correct vocalsjust recording the right moment with its spirit, good hooklines, catchy riffs, a pounding bass and thundering drums thats it! But the band even goes one step further: Grounded chapter eight is the first Metalium album without and shouted choirs, all voices are only done by frontman Henning Basse. They even tried to avoid multiple harmony lines to keep the production pure and honest and not putting too much into the arrangements. This pureness from production over songwriting to final sound make the difference to other international bands and is the unmistakable trademark of an METALIUM production to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

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