Even though everybody seems to be reuniting in one form or another the return of Fastway has to be one of the more unexpected, albeit no less welcome. Dormant now for a long time Eat Dog Eat marks their first new studio album since 1990 and features the remodelled line-up of Fast Eddie Clarke, drummer Matt Eldridge and former Little Angels and Gun frontman Toby Jepson (more latterly to be found on stage with Dio Disciples). Jepson has always been a class act and with Fast Eddie in inspired songwriting form this is an impressive comeback that will be lapped up by old-timers and should win them plenty of new admirers along the way. Hitting their stride immediately with the mid-tempo blues rocker "Deliver Me" it is clear that Fastway 2011 are slick, streamlined and bursting with confidence. Even back in his Motörhead days Clarke could always come up with a great melody and "Leave A Light On" has that memorable swagger that was a trademark of Fastway's first era when they had considerable success with both the eponymous debut and All Fired Up. He can also still deliver a sharp solo, notably on the aforementioned "Leave A Light..." and the rousing "Who Do You Believe". A title of "Love I Need" may suggest a ballad but the insistent, grinding riff and Jepson's call and response delivery equals another moody blues rocker with Clarke again serving up a tasty solo. "On and On" ends the album with some powerhouse drumming from the energetic Eldridge and more blistering guitar work. With the benefit of some crisp and clear production Eat Dog Eat sounds remarkably fresh, aided by contemporary lyrics sung by one of the best rock vocalists around. The Clarke-Jepson combination has worked out perfectly and hopefully we will see them on the road over the coming months to promote what is an excellent album.

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